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Steak Sinatra – Hey – what’s not to like?  Hot seared tenderloin strips, red peppers, and mushrooms, covered in a delicious wine and tomato sauce. I might have gone my entire life without trying it because this dish was a family joke. Way back when, my Dad (a huge Sinatra fan) tried to make it and nearly burned our house down. While in Palm Springs recently, we strolled into the legendary Johnny Costas Italian Restaurant and I finally got chance to taste the real Steak Sinatra – prepared by Johnny’s son Vince who runs the joint these days. His father was a personal chef to Sinatra at his Rancho Mirage compound Johnny taught Vince his great culinary skills – quite evident in this fantastic dish. In this episode, you’ll hear about Frank’s history in the desert along with how Johnny got there, and how he cooked his way into Frank’s heart.

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