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Happy Holidays from the Savory Road team.

Radio Copy: The Christmas season is so busy and there never seems to be enough time to do the things we want, but if you’re like me, you want to grab your loved ones, jump into the car and find something different to propel you into the Christmas Spirit. This week the Savory Road leads to exciting holiday celebrations and traditions happening in the Inland Empire. Now, don’t worry about pulling over and writing all this down because for each of the following, weve provided links on our web site – Savory

 You might remember a few years ago when I crashed a neighborhood tamale making party. I was hoping to hang out and watch the ladies work, but they would have none of that. They got me an apron, handed me a spoon, and plopped me down in front of a giant bowl of masa. Later, when enjoying the fruits of our labor, I praised these fresh steamed tamales as the best Id ever tasted, and that wasn’t the Patron talking. This year, my Tamale Jones is back, but I think I missed the ladies party – but no worries – there are plenty of tamale making classes available in the IE during the holidays. For example the Claremont Chefs Acadamy is offering Tamale 101 Saturday evening December 17th . Check their web site for reservation information.

 The Longshadow Ranch Winery in Temecula is presenting a holiday edition of its Legends of the Wild West Dinner Theatre and Variety Show. The western themed comedy is family friendly and will feature dancers, vocalists, and Tony award winning actors. A holiday ranch-style dinner will also served. Ticket prices, dates, and reservation information is available at their web site.

 And if that doesn’t get you into the Christmas spirit, then head up to Riley’s Farm in Oak Glen for Christmas in the Colonies. You’ll think you’re in 18th century Virginia as you dance to music from that era, press apples for cider, throw a tomahawk, and enjoy a gourmet colonial dinner – all while in costume. Better get on line and reserve your ticket for one of the shows, as the folks at Rileys tell us they sell out quickly.

 Ever taken a moment to stare down a candy cane before you pop one into your mouth. Wonder how the elves get those red lines to match up so perfectly? Why not make this the year you see how the magic works? We’ve got the right place here in our back yard. Logans Candy Shop has been making the red and white dandies since 1933 and they hold demonstrations during the month of December. See how a glob of yellow goo transforms into a confection worthy of adorning a Christmas tree. Logans is located in downtown Ontario – that’s along Euclid between the 10 and 60 Go west on B street and stop when you smell peppermint.

 Is there a better local place to find real snow at Christmas than Big Bear? There, they celebrate Christmas in the Village every year. An elf told me that on the weekends Santa shows up at his hut near the tree lot between 10 in the morning and 4 in the afternoon, so grab your wish list,  strap on your earmuffs and head up there!

 Are you one of the handful of Inland Empire residents who hasn’t seen Riverside’s Mission Inn decorated with Christmas lights? With 4.5 million lights and over 400 animated characters, it’s one of the largest holiday displays in the nation. Now in it’s 24th year, the decorations have  been delighting over 250,000 annual visitors each year since owners Duane and Kelly Roberts saved the historic hotel from demolition in 1992. Downtown Riverside becomes main street USA during the season with streets filled with horse-drawn carriages and freshly fallen snow. While there, check out the Presidential Lounge where they offer cocktails based on the song 12 days of Christmas: Partridge in a Pear tree made with Peach vodka, Five gold rings made with Goldschlager, Six Geese a Laying made with Jack Daniels and Egg Nog – you get the picture. Make a day of it and start a few hours before the lights come on. The Fox Performing Arts Center down the street is playing Miracle on 34th Street Saturday afternoon December 17th at 3 pm. It’s a fundraiser as well – bring canned food and a new unwrapped toy and it will be donated to Feeding America Riverside / San Bernardino.

 Again, find links to the aforementioned at Donna and I would like to thank all of you for listening t our feature this year and we hope you find a joyous and safe holiday season. May your celebrations be abundant with tasteful bounty.