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IMG_1920Touring iconic western towns can really stimulate ones appetite – one that could only be satisfied by a hot dog – but not just any hot dog-  when in the wild west it has to be a wild hot dog.

We found just the right place in Benson (the turnoff city at I-10 that leads to Tombstone). I should mention we nearly missed the joint because Wild Dogs does not boast significant signage except for the “Bikers Welcome” sign near the front entry. I figured the place was once a walk-up window of a trailer to which a fiberglass enclosed patio was subsequently added for temperature controlled seating.

IMG_1919We walked into this clean little non-assuming place and the staff said hello and made us feel welcome, which is always nice when visiting strange lands. IMG_1926We opted for the Arizona specialty we’d heard tell about – the Sonoran Dog which we found undoubtedly the most over-the-top hot dog invented by man: bacon wrapped atop a bed of pinto beans, covered with pico de gallo, guacamole, and topped with a mayo-based sauce. This pup was a real whopper. Upon taking my first bite, Donna handed me a half dozen napkins to wipe my face. What a brilliant balance – the savory Vienna dog, the bright tang of the Pico de Gallo and sweet creamyness of the sauce made my taste buds do the Marimba dance. The onion rings seemed lighter and the rings stayed put under their batter blanket. The Bavarian cream-filled churro they make is highly praised, but we didn’t have time or tummy space for it.   Upon leaving, the owner offered to fill our cups with water. As we pulled out of the parking lot, I realized we’d just experienced a real treat – even if no bikers showed up.

Driving west on 4th (Tombstone behind you), pass Ocotillo Road then look to your left for the “Biker’s Welcome” sign. The fiberglass structure is your huckleberry.