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Travel Info

Planning a trip is part of the whole journey.  Here are a few things we use in the planning and during our travels.

Planning:  We are on the email list of many sites, watching daily for the deals that come across.  Last year we napped a round trip fare to Peru for $550.00.  The deal came around in November and I haven’t seen a deal for Peru that good since.  There are still deals I saw and I kick myself for not jumping on.  Our advise is to be patience and keep a watchful eye.   Here is a few sites we are on the email list for:

Travel Books

Travel Equipment 

Luggage: Eagle Creek EC Lync System, Collapsible Wheeled Luggage.  We both have this bag and it has worked out well.  Plus you can watch a video on how it all works.

Wifi Hot Spot

Skyroam   This system worked well for us in populated cities.  We didn’t have to worry about data charges on our phones.  Cost about $8 a day if you wish to use everyday.  We only used it when we needed it and it came in handy.