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About Jeff, Donna, and Savory Road

Jeff & Donna

Meet Jeff and Donna

Some cry when they find themselves sitting in an empty nest, but Jeff and Donna Baker cheered. They jumped out, sold the darn nest and used the money to pay off all their bills. Now they are free of financial obligation and are becoming semi-nomads. “I love my work and will probably keep at it until I’m 75.” says Jeff Baker, “but I’m not waiting to travel the US and the world.”

“We were blessed with the perfect environment for raising our three kids.” Donna explained. “The end of a cul-de-sac with a bunch of great neighbors in an ethnically diversified community with big schools and endless activities.” Now the couple sees those years as a chapter in their life that will continue to live in their hearts. Jeff summarized: “Our kids are embarking on these exciting new lives, why can’t we too?”

About Savory Road

For several years, the couple produced a kitchen-based cooking show which aired on their local PBS affiliate. They’ve written travel and food articles for local magazines and newspapers. Now they produce a weekly radio feature called The Savory Road which highlights short food related stories in the US and abroad. It currently airs on NPR affiliate KVCR in southern California.

Jeff and Donna also produce “On the Road” podcast. Where they chat about their recent travel experiences and food finds. Their pictorial blogs covers a variety of things. They accompany most Savory Road radio segments and “On the Road” podcasts. Plus, covering cooking classes, restaurants, hotels and events.